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Shandong Hexin Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. (Special General Partnership) was approved by the Ministry of Finance in April 2013. It was jointly organized by Shandong Zhengyuan Hexin Certified Public Accountants and Shandong Huide Certified Public Accountants Headquarters and its Yantai Branch and Shandong Tianhengxin Accountant Jining branch office, Jinan branch set up by restructuring.

Headquartered in Jinan City, Shandong Province Lixia District, the registered capital of 50.19 million yuan. The headquarter is equipped with quality technical committee, office, finance department, quality technology department, standard training department and auditing department. Jinan branch, Qingdao branch, Weifang branch, Yantai branch, Yantai branch Zhifu branch, Jining branch, Linyi branch, Hunan branch and other branches, Hangzhou branch, Henan branch is being established.

Business scope: review enterprise accounting statement, issue audit report; verify enterprise capital, issue capital verification report; handle business merger, division, liquidation matters in the audit business issue the relevant report; capital construction annual financial final audit; agent accounting; Tax consulting, management consulting, accounting training; laws and regulations of the other business.

After the merger of the firm has more than 600 employees, including 245 certified public accountants. With the titles of all types of professionals in the total number of 70% of the total number of employees with bachelor degree or more of the total number of about 85%, of which: graduate education more than 60 people. Our staff: the industry leader in six people, eight high-end talent in Shandong Province, China Institute of Certified Public Accountants eight senior members of the 2012 annual outstanding accountants eight people, six outstanding accountants. 1 executive director of the AICPA, 4 directors, 4 provincial executive director of the Association, director of 9 people.

We always adhere to the principle of "honesty, honesty and service", and establish the development concept of "people first, talent first" and abide by the principle of "independence, objectivity and justice". By virtue of the strict governing principle, Good human environment, high-quality team of professionals to high quality and efficient services, has won wide recognition from all sectors of society, establish a good social reputation. After the merger, our staff size, staff quality, operational capacity, business income ranks first in Shandong Province, the business has radiation. 2015 business income of 120 million yuan.

For more than 40 listed companies as a perennial auditor

Perennial for the regulatory agencies to provide nearly 50 large and medium-sized state-owned enterprise group performance appraisal and authorization management audit audit

Shandong Province "advanced accounting firm"

For many years the finalists, "the annual accounting firm comprehensive evaluation of the top 100 information" of the accounting firm, the year 2015 ranked 46th.

Shandong Province, the SASAC was awarded the "top ten enterprises asset verification intermediary" honorary title

Was in Shandong Province Trade and Industry Bureau as "the contract and keeping promises units in Shandong Province", Shandong Province, industrial and commercial enterprises Mianjian

Was awarded the Jinan Municipal Government, "financial integrity of corporate-related units of civilization"

Shandong Province in 2013 by the Culture Promotion Association awarded the "integrity of the model enterprises in Shandong Province"

2015 Qilu Equity Trading Center outstanding members

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